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I have created an affiliate program that will make you part of my success! When becoming an affiliate at you will receive a personal link to my shop that you can share on your posts. Every time someone makes a purchase through your link, you will receive the 5% of that sale.

Once you have accumulated $20CAD on your affiliate account you can contact me to to transfer your commission  to your PayPal account or keep saving it until this amount sounds more important to you!

Please be sure you accept my company vision regarding community and human rights, if you don't agree with any of these points, my affiliate program might not be for you. 

❤️ Agree that Black Lives Matter. 

🧡 We do our best to use gender neutral greetings and language when posting on Facebook. It might be difficult to start changing our old habits when communicating, but believe me, it's very rewarding to feel we are making changes by including everyone. Here a nice article about it:

💛 Tone policing it's just a no. Why? This might help to understand:

💚 At Menta we do everything to offer a safe environment to our minorities. We don't tolerate any kind of racism, fatphobia, or hate speech towards the LGTBQ+ and First Nations community. I myself as a Latino immigrant, work very hard to promote respect towards everyone, specially them.

💙 If you want to represent and promote my products, be sure you agree with these points. If need to be educated regarding any human rights, social matters or history, please make your own research and always avoid to ask someone to explain you why they feel upset for any comment or post. It is not their job to teach you. Consider to avoid them the emotional labour of expose their pain in social media. 

Is not that hard 🖤

Our kids deserves a better place than the one we live in. We got this, we can make changes.

Once you have registered at, you can personalize your link and also follow your sales made and how much you have been making through the program!

Isn't this fun!?

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