PDF Sewing Patterns 101

PDF Sewing Patterns 101

I think I have just have published my first post! 

Hello makers!

A PDF sewing pattern is a sewing pattern that has been digitized to be printed on paper, or to be projected directly onto the fabric to be cut.

Menta Sewing Patterns include a range of sizes that can be selected and unselected depending on the size you would like to make. Due to the small pattern pieces and sometimes millimetric differences between one size and another, when you first look at your file on Acrobat Reader, you will see a significant number of overlapping lines and text. Don't panic! You have the option to isolate one size at a time; we call each size a layer.

To print a Menta Sewing Pattern, follow these Step-by-step instructions:
Let's prepare the Menta Pixie hat in size 20 for example.

You will need:

1. Download the pattern pieces file by logging into your account or by opening the confirmation email from my shop that you received right after you purchased the pattern.

2. Open the file on Acrobat Reader

3. Once you have chosen the size you want to make, click on every size (layer) except the one you have chosen. There's one layer you need to keep selected at all times which is usually at the bottom end of the list of sizes, called "Keep Selected"

4. Now you can see only the size you need, right? Let's go print it.\

5. Open your printing window on Acrobat and carefully look at the printing options. The options you need to check are:

  • Scale: set to 100% or actual size
  • Page Orientation: Select Auto
  • Double check that "Choose paper source by PDF page size is unselected.

6. Print your pattern.

7. You now have a set of pages you need to tape together to create the sewing pattern.

8. Trim all the bottoms and right edges of the pages, right on the frame lines.

9. Tape the pages together. I have made stars (or circles) on each page edge that will need to be matched with the stars (or circles) of the other pages.

10. Diagrams of the page order are always included in each tutorial in case you need to double check.

11. Now cut out each pattern piece, this picture shows only partial pattern pieces to protect my copy rights :)

12. Wow! You are now ready to start cutting your fabrics!

13. Don't forget to read the tutorial before cutting to avoid needing to use your seam ripper!


Happy sewing!! 

Mariela Paz

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Hi!! Sandra, you can download your sewing patterns all times you want :) There is no limits in downloads!

Mariela Paz

Do we only have one opportunity to download our patterns? I seem to have misplaced all but 2 of the many patterns I have purchased.

Sandra l Holbrook

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