Menta Snugglehood vs Menta Snow Hoodie

Menta Snugglehood vs Menta Snow Hoodie

🍄 Snow Hoodie Vs Snugglehood 🍄

Here are some of the main differences:

🌿 The Snow Hoodie is a helmet compatible design. Meaning it is big enough to fit a helmet on it. I have include a no helmet cutting line as well, but it will be always more loose than the fitted Snugglehood.

🌿 The Snow Hoodie is designed for thick fabrics, one layer only. The best results are when using fleece. The Snugglehood can be made with almost any knit fabric, and because the Snugglehood is made with 2 layers, any fabric weight can be used. I have also added  instructions to make the Snow Hoodie lined, this will allow us to open the variety of fabrics we can use, just make sure to use microfleece or fleece for the lining.

🌿 The Snow Hoodie construction is very different. The face mask covers the entire circumference around the face, while the Snugglehood covers only the front. In the Snugglehood the facemask is made with one layer of fabric and usually a thinner weight. The mouth cover in the Snow Hoodie is double layer. I have added 2 different fits mouth covers to cut depending on the fabric weight (or personal preference) you are using.

🌿 The Snugglehood has to be made completely with knits while the Snow Hoodie hood can be made out of any heavy weight base. This is a fantastic feature as we can use softshell or wool for example! Make sure to use knits for the mouth and chest cover.

I might be missing something, but I think these are the main difference, and I hope they help everyone to understand why the Snugglehood is different from the Snow Hoodie!

It totally depends on the weather settings and on fitting preferences!

Happy sewing!

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