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Menta Snow Hoodie

Menta Snow Hoodie

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The Menta Snow Hoodie

Helmet-Compatible hat

PDF Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

(This is an PDF file, not an actual product)

Do you enjoy winter sports? Make comfy helmet-compatible hoodies with this PDF printable sewing pattern and tutorial! Learn step-by-step how to make custom hoodies, choose from the different options what is best for you!

This sewing pattern has been designed for 2 and 4-way structured medium to heavy weight stretch fabrics. You will get the best results with stretchy fleece and microfleece.

The use of non-stretchy fabrics like softshell or wool is possible for the hood pieces. When choosing this option, please use 2 or 4-way stretch fabric for the chest and the mouth/nose cover.

This hat has been designed to fit over a helmet. Some versions made with structured fabrics will allow the hoodie to be worn without a helmet on. I have added a no-helmet cutting line in the pattern pieces as well.

  • Child, Youth, Adult and Adult+ sizes included.
  • Helmet and no-helmet pattern pieces.
  • Lined and unlined version
  • Exposed or hidden drawstring.
  • Projector File Included
  • 15" Doll size included
  • Print by size files included as well

Join our amazing sewing support group here: to find out new hacks, download free appliqués templates and the best fabric promotions from our favourite local fabric dealers!

This sewing pattern is made with layers feature and for optimal results it has to be printed with Adobe Acrobat, (free software) from a laptop or PC. I cannot guarantee the layer features to work from a phone or iPad. I have recently added a no-layered version of the files, to print by size.

Products made using this pattern can be sold in small handmade batches by the same person who bought the sewing pattern at craft fairs, farmers markets or handmade sale sites such as Etsy, Big Cartel etc. 

Thank you so much, 

Mariela Paz

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