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Menta Wrap shoe Young Children sizes

Menta Wrap shoe Young Children sizes

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This listing is for a PDF file with instructions and pattern pieces to make your own  shoes and slippers. This is not an actual pair of shoes.

Skill level : confident beginners

Some features:
  • 6 sizes available from Size 2 to 7
  • Step-by-step sewing tutorial with clear photo instructions, perfect for beginners
  • Minimalist design, each shoe can me made with only 2 pieces.
  • The pattern pieces includes a wide and narrow main piece option.
  • Toe reinforcement option with instructions
  • How to sew appliques
  • Padded soles instructions
  • For this pattern, soles are narrowed than the booties as this pattern is designed to be done with medium to heavy weight fabrics.
  • Hidden Seams (Reversible) and Exposed Seam (quick method) option.
  • 8 Appliqués templates pages!
Sizes (choose the size by sole length measurements):
    • Size 2 / 6.25” finished sole (fit around 2/3 year old)
    • Size 3 / 6.75” finished sole (approx. 3/4 years old) 
    • Size 4 / 7” finished sole (approx. 4/5 years old)
    • Size 5 / 7.25” finished sole (approx. 5/6 years old) 
    • Size 6 / 7.75” finished sole (approx. 6/7 years old) 
    • Size 7 / 8.25” finished sole (approx. 7/9 years old) 
Final sole length and main structure will vary with materials, pattern is made to be done with medium and heavy weight fabric.

You will need
  • Main: knit or woven light to medium weight.
  • Lining: I recommend medium weight materials as French Terry or microfleece.
  • Soles: toughtek or grip non slip soles, any material for the non walking babies.
  • Appliqués and toe reinforcement: faux leather, vinyl.
  • 3/4" elastic, thread, 100/16 sewing machine needles for the sole construction, and all sort of sewing notions!
This pattern was designed by Menta. It may not be sold, redistributed, or shared, however, you may sell the shoes made out of this in small handmade batches. I would love it if you mentioned Menta at some point in your product description! This encourages me to keep designing cute baby apparel!

Please e-mail me to  if you have any other questions, or join our amazing sewing group:

Check out my business page where you will find all of the 5 star reviews my customers have left over the past 3 years.

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Muchas gracias
Mariela Paz

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