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Splash Menta Shoes

Splash Menta Shoes

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This listing is for a PDF file with instructions and pattern pieces to make your own

Slip-On Menta Booties. This is not an actual pair of booties.

Skill level : Intermediate

Our brand new sewing pattern is now live! Learn how to make these cute fitted Splash Shoes for the whole family! Designed for 4-way swim or athletic knit, the Splash Shoes help protect your feet and are perfect for indoor or outdoor activities and settings like splash parks, family games in grass or dirt, beach play, a variety of playground surfaces and much more!

Some features:

  • 16 sizes, from 4" up to 11.5" finished sole length
  • Each size include a regular and a wide fit
  • Can be made 100% with hidden or exposed seams 
  • Pattern designed for 4-way stretch swim and athletic knits
  • Fold-over elastic and ankle bands opening options
  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Projector file included
  • Pattern layered, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Pattern pieces includes 1/4" (6mm) Seam allowance cutting line, as well a non seam allowance guide
  • Size by size PDF have been included in this sewing pattern

Sizes included:

      • 11.5” (29.2cm) finished sole length
      • 11” (27.9cm) finished sole length
      • 10.5” (26.6cm) finished sole length
      • 10” (25.4cm) finished sole length
      • 9.5” (24.3cm) finished sole length
      • 9” (22.8cm) finished sole length
      • 8.5” (21.5cm) finished sole length
      • 8” (20.3cm) finished sole length
      • 7.5” (19cm) finished sole length
      • 7” (17.7cm) finished sole length
      • 6.5” (16.5cm) finished sole length
      • 6” (15.2cm) finished sole length
      • 5.5” (13.9cm) finished sole length
      • 5” (12.7cm) finished sole length
      • 4.5” (11.4cm) finished sole length
      • 4” (10.1cm) finished sole length

Final sole length will vary with materials

For optimal results, it is recommended to use swim or athletic knit for the main and lining pieces and Toughtek for the soles when sewing for wet outdoor settings.

You will need:

  • Main fabric (Swim or athletic knit)
  • Lining fabric (Swim or athletic knit)
  • Outer Sole fabric (Toughtek for wet outdoors, any other non slip for dry outdoors, like grass, dirt, rubber surfaces)
  • Inner sole fabric (Swim or athletic knit, softshell)
  • Cushion material (Craft foam happens to be the best so far! yoga mat works also but is less durable)
  • 1/4" or 1" Fold-over elastic is optional
  • A walking foot is recommended, but not essential
  • Stretch or jersey needles for sewing with swim.
    • 100/16 size is highly recommended to avoid skipped stitches or broken needle when constructing the sole
    • 70/10 for very light weight fabrics
    • 80/12 for light weight fabrics
    • 90/14 for medium weight fabrics (Stretch 90/14 Is what I always use on my machine)
  • Basic sewing tools and notions including: scissors or rotary cutter, many many pins or clips, marking tools, thread, ruler and measuring tape, iron, pinking shears

This tutorial offers very detailed instructions and clear pictures so you can learn how to make Splash Shoes, however, because sewing with knits might need some extra knowledge and much patience, this sewing pattern has been labeled for Intermediate Sewing Skills. If you are enthusiastic about sewing and always willing to learn new skills, this tutorial is also made for you!

This pattern was designed by Mariela Paz / Menta. It may not be sold, redistributed, or shared in any form.

For questions you can contact me or  join our wonderful sewing group:

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